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Discussion programmes play an important role in School Radio and can cover a wide range ot topics and formats. In this Premium Resource kit focuses on a discussion programme relating to music.

This resource helps you to design a discussion programme, assign roles and plan what you are going to talk about. It also includes printable resources and technical steps for both recording and editing your finished show.

The Discuss This Premium Resource includes the following elements:

  • Introduction & Key Skills.
  • References to the National Curriculum.
  • Links to useful external resources on the web.
  • Other show ideas.
  • Tips on creating you show.
  • Printable resources (mind maps, running orders & name badges).
  • How to record your show.
  • Techncial tips on importing and editing your audio.

This Premium Resource was written specifically for School Radio by a resident teaching professional. Feel free to print or photocopy any section you like, all we ask is that you dont publish this resource into the public domain.

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