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Poetry is a great expressive medium which is perfectly suited to School Radio. Students can perform, record and discuss their own poems as well as review poems from others. The Poetry Corner Premium Resource kit guide you through creating poems and putting them on your School Radio station.

The Poetry Corner Premium Resource goes a little further than some of our resource kits in that it not only covers how to use your poems in School Radio but also provides a number of classroom resources to help yoru students develop their poems in the first place. Once written, the kit also help you to record the poems and edit the final audio.

The Poetry Corner Premium Resource includes the following elements:

  • Introduction & Key Skills
  • Aims For Cross Curriculum Subjects (with reference to the National Curriculum)
  • Tips on written poems.
  • Printable resources (mind maps, questionairs & name badges).
  • How to record your poems
  • Techncial tips on importing and editing your audio.

The Premium Resource was written specifically for School Radio by a resident teaching professional. Feel free to print or photocopy any section you like, all we ask is that you dont publish this resource into the public domain.

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