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A School Trip provides an ideal opportunity to create a School Radio programme to share the excitement and educational benefits of a trip to art galleries, museums etc.

Whether you are heading to a museum or a theme park, a school trip is a great opportunity for the students to learn, expereince new things and have fun. But what about the students that get left behind?

If you create a School Radio programme about the trip whihc could include descriptions of the trip, interviews and maybe even snippets of live performances, the excitement can be shared with the whole school as well as with parents, grand parents and the whole community.

This Premium Resource kit focuses on an example school trip to a museum but could be adopted for use on any trip. It focuses on what things you might want to include in your programme as well as the technical skills you will need.

The School Trip Premium Resource includes the following elements:

  • Introduction & Key Skills
  • Aims For Cross Curriculum Subjects (with reference to the National Curriculum)
  • Programme element ideas.
  • Advice on how to interview.
  • Printable resources (mind maps, questionairs & name badges).
  • How to record using the optional Zoom H1 portable recorder.
  • Techncial tips on importing and editing your audio.

The School Trip Premium Resource was written specifically for School Radio by a resident teaching professional. Feel free to print or photocopy any section you like, all we ask is that you dont publish this resource into the public domain.

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